About Us

For over 20 years, Dimensional Inspections has provided a wide range of precise measurement services for companies in the fields of Biotechnology, Medical, Research/Development and Consumer products. The dimensional inspections facility provides your company with a cost effective alternative to in-house inspection. Our work is thorough, fast and provides you with accurate data every time.



What We Dogear

vernier-caliper-measurement-smAt DIS, we assess the geometric characteristics of parts and products to verify their compliance with CAD drawings and design specifications. We verify the accuracy of product features that can affect performance, reliability and functionality that can be a critical step during R&D, before or after the start of production.

We provide a wide array of inspections depending on your needs. Using World Class technology, we perform CMM measurement, first article inspection, and reverse engineering contact and non-contact inspection. We also do quality control inspection, and quality assurance inspection. The highly trained technicians are experts in casting inspection, molded parts inspection, and statistical process control. With all these services, we can provide highly accurate, consistent inspections for your company at extremely competitive rates.

First Article Inspection

For companies investing big bucks in manufacturing processes, First Article Inspection is a critical step in ensuring the product is defect free, meets design standards, and avoids costly mistakes allowing you to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.

Non-Contact and Contact Inspections

We can do non-contact (video) and contact (probe) inspections. DIS provides fast and accurate measurement of both routine and complex precision parts, suitable for many manufacturing inspection applications.

Supplier Quality Verification

Having a great design is only the first step on the road to successful manufacturing. Checking supplier components is a vital both pre-production, and as a quality control system. Dimensional Inspection Services can help make sure your suppliers are meeting specifications over the life of production.

Third Party Verification

No one likes a dispute with a customer or supplier, especially over a couple of dimensions. DIS can help by resolving these situations, sometimes without even measuring the part, by investigating each parties’ interpretation of the drawing and inspection technique and results. When a non-biased inspection party is needed, bring it to DIS.

Free and Fast Quotes

D.I.S understands the urgency of getting quotes back to clients and we strive to be the best in the business. Give our experts the opportunity to show you how cost effective working with D.I.S. can be.

Fast Turnaround

At D.I.S we know you want your parts back quickly. A typical inspection can be performed and results provided to a client with a few days. Expedite service is also offered.

Pickup and Delivery

Parts can be picked up and delivered by Dimensional Inspection Services directly, avoiding the risk of damage during shipping.


Our Past

When you need any type of inspection performed, you need it to done accurately. Our 50 years of experience demonstrates a commitment and dedication to quality inspection procedures. We are even approved as a Delco Electronics fully accredited class 5 inspection lab. With credentials like these, you know that all of our inspections are performed to the highest of standards for companies in the fields of Biotechnology, Medical, Research/Development and Consumer products. The dimensional inspections facility provides your company a cost effective alternative to in-house inspection utilizing decades of experience with our highly skilled metrology specialists.



Our temperature controlled laboratory is equipped with two coordinate measuring machines, an optical comparator, and a variety of surface plates, height and drop gages, calipers, micrometers and a huge selection of pin gages. With 50 years of experience, our highly trained technicians and inspectors provide the expertise to guarantee the most accurate, repeatable measurement results possible.